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Hampea micrantha

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Malvaceae
Scientific name  Hampea micrantha
Rank  Species
Order  Malvales
Genus  Hampea
Higher classification  Hampea

Hampea micrantha is a species of flowering plant in the Malvaceae family. It is found only in Panama. It is threatened by habitat loss. The species occurs in rainforest up to 1,000 m.

Members of the Malvaceae are important as fiber crops (particularly cotton, Gossypium). Young leaves of many species can be used as vegetables, and species of Abelmoschus and Hibiscus are grown as minor food crops. Many species have attractive flowers and an ever-increasing selection is grown as ornamentals . Several have been cultivated for a very long time, particularly species of Hibiscus, and some of these are not known in the wild.


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