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Hammock activity

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A hammock activity (also hammock task) is a schedule or project planning term for a grouping of tasks that "hang" between two end dates it is tied to.

A hammock activity can group tasks which are not related in the hierarchical sense of a Work Breakdown Structure, or are not related in a logical sense of a task dependency where one task must wait for another.

Usages include:

  • Group dissimilar activities that lead to an overall capability, such as preparations under a summary label, e.g. "vacation preparation";
  • Group unrelated items for the purpose of a summary such as a calendar-based reporting period, e.g. "First quarter plans";
  • Group ongoing or overhead activities that run the length of an effort, e.g. "project management"
  • The duration of the hammock activity (the size of the hammock) may also be set by the subtasks within it, so that the abstract grouping has a start date of the earliest of any of the subtasks and the finish date is the latest of any of the contents.

    A hammock activity is regarded as a form of Summary activity that is similar to but different from a Level of Effort (LOE) activity. Use of hammock activities is also a way to simplify the difficulties of performing Work Breakdown Structure decomposition to low levels.


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