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Hamlet (name)

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Hamlet is both a masculine given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Hamlet Barrientos (born 1978), Bolivian footballer
  • Hamlet Gonashvili (1928–1985), Georgian singer
  • Hamlet Handley, English footballer
  • Hamlet Isakhanli (born 1948), Azerbaijani mathematician and writer
  • Hamlet Mkhitaryan (footballer, born 1973), Armenian footballer
  • Hamlet Mkhitaryan (footballer, born 1962), Armenian Soviet footballer
  • Hamlet Watling (1818–1908), English antiquarian
  • Hamlet Winstanley (1698–1756), English painter and engraver
  • Surname:

  • Douglas Hamlet (died 1995), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines murderer
  • Harry G. Hamlet (1874–1954), Commandant of the United States Coast Guard
  • Norm Hamlet, American guitarist
  • Fictional characters:

  • Prince Hamlet, title character and protagonist of the William Shakespeare tragedy
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