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Hamlet (1959 TV play)

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Directed by  Royston Morley
Country  Australia
Initial release  17 June 1959
Budget  2,500 GBP
Producer  Royston Morley
Release date  1959
Language  English
Director  Royston Morley
Story by  William Shakespeare
Based on  Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Distributed by  Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia)
Cast  John Fegan, William Job, Lou Vernon, Georgie Sterling
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Hamlet three soliloquies read by sir john gielgud

Hamlet is a 1959 Australian TV play starring William Job and produced by Royston Morley.


It was one of two notable productions of Shakespeare done by the ABC, the other being Anthony and Cleopatra.



The production was well received.

A critic from the Sydney Morning Herald said that it "proved that Shakespeare can be successfully translated to television" with Morley's direction responsible for "much of the credit... he kept the field of action small, relying on _closeups to intensify the drama. I also thought that William Job's portrayal of the young and tragic Dane was outstanding."

It was repeated in 1964.


Hamlet (1959 TV play) Wikipedia

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