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Hamilton Square Baptist Church protests

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The Hamilton Square Baptist Church protests in San Francisco, California, was a protest that occurred on the date of September 19, 1993.

The protests occurred in response to the church's invitation of Louis P. Sheldon, an anti-gay activist and chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition. The protests resulted in discussion in California regarding protests which are intended to disturb religious activity.

Testimony from a church member, cited in the California discussion claims protesters began gathering around the church property around 5:00 PM. Reports conflict on whether any protesters were arrested: a line in the discussion of the incident in the California legislature suggests no arrests were made, while a comment from the San Francisco Chronicle suggests three arrests were made: two for battery, and one for inciting a riot, disturbing the peace, trespassing, battery, and resisting arrest. This last article may refer to a separate event.

According to Pastor David Innes, Senior Pastor of Hamilton Square Baptist church, the protesters denied people entrance to the church and in some cases did it by physical contact.


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