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Hamill is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aaron Hamill, Australian rules footballer
  • Alex Hamill (born 1961), Scottish footballer
  • Billy Hamill, motorcycle speedway rider
  • Brendan Hamill (disambiguation), several people
  • Christine Hamill, mathematician
  • Christopher Hamill, lead singer of the 1980s pop group Kajagoogoo
  • Claire Hamill, singer-songwriter
  • David Hamill, Queensland Australian Labor Party politician
  • Desmond Hamill, British television reporter
  • Dorothy Hamill, figure skater
  • Harry Hamill, Australian rugby footballer
  • James A. Hamill, United States Democratic Party politician
  • Jim Hamill, singer with The Kingsmen and Oak Ridge Boys
  • Jamie Hamill, footballer
  • Joe Hamill, footballer
  • John Hamill, actor
  • John Hamill (baseball) (1860–1911), American baseball player
  • Matt Hamill, wrestler
  • Mark Hamill, actor
  • Micky Hamill, footballer
  • Patrick Hamill, United States House of Representatives
  • Pete Hamill, journalist and writer
  • Peter J. Hamill (c.1885–1930), New York assemblyman
  • Red Hamill (Robert George Hamill, born 1917), ice hockey player
  • Rob Hamill, New Zealand rower and political candidate whose brother was a victim of the Khmer Rouge
  • Tommy Hamill (disambiguation), several people
  • Zach Hamill, ice hockey player
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