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Hamgyong Line

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Chosŏn'gŭl  함경선
Revised Romanization  Hamgyeongseon
Hancha  咸鏡線
McCune–Reischauer  Hamgyŏngsŏn

The Hamgyŏng Line (Wonsan-Sangsambong) was a railway line in Korea, fully opened in 1928. It is now split between the following lines in North Korea:

  • Kangwon Line(Wonsan-Kowon)
  • Pyongna Line(Kowon-Chongjin)
  • Hambuk Line(Chongjin-Sangsambong)
  • History

    The line was constructed by the Governor-General of Korea for the transport to Manchuria (northeastern China) and connected with the Gyeongwon Line at the Wonsan Station. The line was extended until 1928 as follows:

    Since the 1930s international trains has been running through this line from Gyeongseong (Seoul) to Mudanjiang in China. The line also played the important role of invading Manchuria of Japan.


    Hamgyong Line Wikipedia

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