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Raga Hameer is a nocturnal Hindustani Classical Raga nominally placed in the thaat Kalyan. All the shuddha swaras (Natural notes) along with teevra madhyam (F#) are used in it. Generally, its vaadi swar (the most used, principal note of a raga on which a pause may be taken) is dhaivat (A Natural) and the samavaadi swar (the secondmost used important note assisting the vaadi swar) is gandhar (E Natural). However, some exponents consider the vaadi swar to be pancham (G Natural) as Hamir is mainly sung in the upper half of an octave and is nocturnal."Pancham" is not taken in the "aaroh" but is taken in "avroh".Its jati is "Shadav Sampurn". "vadi Svar" is 'Dhaivat(Dh)' & 'Samvadi Swar' is 'Gandhar(g)'


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