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Ham (surname)

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Revised Romanization  Ham
McCune–Reischauer  Ham

Ham or Hahm is a Western and Korean surname.

In 2000 in South Korea, there were approximately 75,955 people with this surname. It is also used in North Korea. Although some sources claim there are as many as sixty Ham clans, only the Gangneung Ham clan (Hangul: 강릉함씨) can be documented. Ham Gyu (Hanja: 咸規), a Goryeo general from the thirteenth century, is considered the founding ancestor of the Ham clan.

People with the surname include:


  • Arlene Ham (born 1936), American former politician
  • Bill Ham (1937-2016), American music impresario, best known as the manager, producer and image-maker for the blues-rock band ZZ Top
  • Boris van der Ham (born 1973), Dutch writer, humanist, former politician and actor
  • Darvin Ham (born 1973), American retired professional basketball player and current National Basketball Association assistant coach
  • Greg Ham (1953-2012), Australian songwriter, actor and musician, member of the band Men at Work
  • Ham Heung-chul (born 1930), South Korean footballer
  • Ham Hyun-gi (born 1962), South Korean footballer
  • Jack Ham (born 1948), American retired National Football League player, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • John Ham (disambiguation), also includes one Jon Ham
  • Ham Kee-yong (born 1930), South Korean long-distance runner, winner of the 1950 Boston Marathon
  • Ken Ham (born 1951), Australian-born Christian fundamentalist and young Earth creationist
  • Kenneth Ham (born 1964), American retired astronaut and US Navy captain
  • Marieke van den Ham (born 1983), Dutch water polo player
  • Paul Ham, Australian author, historian, journalist and publisher
  • Pete Ham (1947–1975), Welsh singer, songwriter and guitarist
  • Ham Pong-sil (born 1974), North Korean long-distance runner
  • Ham Seok-heon (born 1901), Korean Quaker author and activist
  • Ham Tae-young (born 1873), Korean politician, pastor and leader of the Presbyterian Church of Korea
  • Tracy Ham (born 1965), American retired Canadian Football League quarterback
  • Ham Jang-Sik, (함장식) better known as Lustboy, Korean retired professional League of Legends player and analyist
  • Hahm

  • Hahm Eun-Jung (born 1988), South Korean singer and actress, member of the South Korean girl group T-ara
  • Shinik Hahm (born 1958), Korean-American conductor
  • Walther Hahm (1894-1951), German World War II general
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