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Hallam Nuclear Generating Station

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The Hallam Nuclear Generating Station in Nebraska was the site of an experimental graphite-moderated sodium cooled reactor built by Atomics International. It was located near Hallam, about 25 miles southwest of Lincoln.


The graphite moderator was clad in stainless steel. There were issues with the cladding, as corrosion and stress cracking led to the failure of the cladding cans. Because the cost of correcting the failure would have outweighed the benefits, the plant was instead decommissioned and the nuclear components sealed in concrete.

Construction began in 1959 and first criticality was achieved in 1963. The plant's single 75 MWe reactor operated from 1963 to 1964. Decommissioning was completed in 1969.

Present day

Currently the site holds a fossil-fuel plant, Sheldon Power Station.


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