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Kingdom  Plantae
Scientific name  Halimolobos
Order  Brassicales
Family  Brassicaceae
Rank  Genus
People also search for  Mancoa, Sphaerocardamum, Pennellia

Halimolobos is a genus of flowering plants in the mustard family known generally as fissureworts. These are biennial and perennial herbs which are mostly native to North America, especially Mexico.

Species include:

  • Halimolobos diffusa - spreading fissurewort
  • Halimolobos jaegeri - Mojave halimolobos
  • Halimolobos mollis - soft fissurewort
  • Halimolobos perplexa - perplexed halimolobos
  • Halimolobos virgata - rod halimolobos
  • Halimolobos whitedii - Whited's fissurewort
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