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Hak Fu Mun

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Country of origin  China
Creator  So Hak Fu 蘇黑虎

Note: There are other styles and forms of kung fu bearing the name "Hak Fu(black tiger)", but not to be confused with this style.

Hak Fu Mun 黑虎門 is a southern style of Chinese Kung Fu originating from the Shaolin Temple. The styles founder was So Hak Fu, who was one of the famed Ten Tigers of Canton 廣東十虎. The style was opened to the public by Wong Cheung 黃祥 who expanded the system.


三星步 Saam Sing Bo
金剛拳 Gam Gong Keun
夜虎拳 Yeh Fu Keun

Ng Ying Keun
Sup Ying Keun


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