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Hajji Ahmed the Ducat Minter's Mosque

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Affiliation  Islam
Opened  1574
Number of minarets  1
Number of domes  1
Completed  1574
Architectural style  Ottoman architecture
Architectural type  Mosque
Architect  Mimar Sinan
Hajji Ahmed the Ducat Minter's Mosque
Location  Livno Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address  Stara Čaršija, Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Similar  Muslihudin Čekrekčija Mosque, Mehmed Pasha Kukavica, Arnaudija Mosque, Istiklal Mosque, Ali Pasha Mosque

The Hajji Ahmed the Ducat Minter's Mosque (Bosnian: Džamija Hadži Ahmeta Dukatara) is one of the most easily recognizable architectural symbols of Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mosque complex

Mosque complex Glavica (in the picture on the left) with the Hajji Ahmed the Ducat Minter's Mosque (more commonly known as the Glavica ("Head") Mosque, called after the knap above town on which is erected) is one of the most recognizable architectural symbols of Livno and national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Constructed upon design by Mimar Sinan in 1574 (some date to 1587), it is situated on a hill overlooking old town of livno, the river Bistrica and the spring Duman in the upper section of the old town of Livno. The mosque complex consists of compact main building of the mosque under a dome and uncharacteristically short minaret, with a clock tower which was erected some 100 years later, between 1670 and 1680. but more likely in 1659. It is still in function today, and finally within perimeter is almost 500 years old necropolis with characteristic early Bosnian Muslim tombstones and later ones.


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