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Haji Bahadar Ali Abdullah Shah

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Syed Abdullah alias Hazrat Hajji Bahadar Kohati, Sufi saint of Kohat, was born on July 31, 1581 AD, in Agra (India) during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.


Hazrat Hajji Bahadar was the son of Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammadd Sultan, and his lineage traces to Hazrat Imam Hussain.His real name was Syed Abdullah Kheshgi as founded in many books about his life .He belongs to the Sadat family in Agra who were migrated to Agra when Babur invaded India. The tribe of kheshgi along with many tribes also migrated from Afghanistan to India.Some part of this tribe (kheshgi) remain settled in India in the Agra while some return to pukhtun area of Khyber pakhtunkhwa.Some of the descendant of this tribe still living in the district of Nowshera under the same name of kheshgi and still there the family of sadat who originally were the descendants of haji bahadur.During his life he visited the same area of kheshgi and afterwards went to the district of Kohat through the mountains of Nizampur(Nowshera). Hazrat Hajji Bahadar went to Banoor at the age of 17 for ‘baet’(Historial fallacy. As per *manaqib Haji Bahadar, authored by one Muhammad Darwesh Tareen, of Lahore on page 3 to have conducted baet with Adam Khan Mashwani at the age of 17. For a while go back to the dates of birth of both the Sufis. Hazrat Adam Khan mashwani was born 999 Hijra and Hazrat Haji Bahadar was born in 984 Hijra. In some books its stated to be 989Hijra. when the event is narrated, the Hijra year comes to be 1001 Hijra. At that time Adam Khan`s age is only two year or according other date of birth of Haji Bahadar comes to be seven year. It is absurd to believe that such a young child can cope with such a heavy and responsible duty of Murshidiat. In the history of Sufism there is not a single example or instance. According to family record Haji Bahadar had put his hands(baet)upon Hazrat Shah Badrudin alias Shah Bulaq of Deccan(India) and remained there for three years and left for Hajj via Surat( a sea port in India) of Hazrat Adam Khan Mashwani, resident of Banoor(Patiala State India(Indian Punjab as nowadays known), where he remained for 11 years. Hazrat Hajji Bahadar performed Hajj in 1645 AD for the first time, and for the second with his murshad (spiritual teacher), Hazrat Syed Adam Banoor. In 1657 AD, Hazrat Syed Adam Banoor and 400 followers reached the Holy land to perform Hajj, remaining in Medina (Saudi Arabia). He returned to Kohat on the advice of his Murshad to spread Islam. Mughal Emperor, Aurangzaib Alamgeer had also ‘baet’ on the hands of Hazrat Hajji Bahadar Kohati.

Hazrat Hajji Bahadar died in 1691( I am unable to calculate and convert the Gregorian Calendar into Hijra, however I presume it to be wrong. The death year of Hazrat Haji Bahadar is 1070 Hijra and not 1090Hijra as all the historical books stress on this, at the age of 110 years( 1070-984=96 year (and was buried in Kohat. A large number of people from across the country visit his tomb on urs (the anniversary of his death) every year. Hazrat Hajji Bahadar left five sons behind, (1)Syed Muhammad Yousuf,(2) Syed Muhammad Qasim,(3)Syed Muhammad Omar, (4) Syed Muhammad Usman,(5) Syed Muhammad Yaqoob.



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