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Haines (surname)

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Haines is an English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. Haines is a patronymic form of the medieval male given name "Hain", itself derived from the Old German "Hagano", originally a byname meaning "hawthorn". This name had existed in England before the Conquest of 1066, but was later popularized by the Normans. Additionally, Haine may be derived from the Old Norse "Haghni" or "Hagne".

Persons named Haines

  • Andrew Haines (born 1947), British epidemiologist and academic
  • Avery Haines (born 1966), Canadian television journalist
  • Avril Haines (born 1969), First female deputy director of the CIA
  • Bob Haines (1906–1965), English cricketer
  • Carolyn Haines (born 1953), American author
  • Casey Haines (1986–), American ice hockey player
  • Daniel Haines (1801–1877), American jurist and governor of New Jersey
  • David Cawthorne Haines, beheaded in 2014 by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, ISIS, IS)
  • Donald Haines (1918–1941), American child actor (Our Gang)
  • Elijah Haines Politician and author
  • Elwood Lindsay Haines (1893–1949), Episcopal bishop in the United States
  • Emily Haines (born 1974), Canadian vocalist for the bands Metric and Broken Social Scene
  • Eric Haines (born 1958), American computer graphics professional
  • Francina E. Haines, for whom Haines, Alaska was named.
  • Fred Haines (1936–2008), American screenwriter and film director
  • Fred S. Haines (1879–1960), Canadian painter from Meaford Ontario
  • Frederick Haines (1819–1909), British Field Marshal and Commander-in-Chief of British forces in India
  • Harry L. Haines (1880–1947), United States Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • Henry Haines (1836–1923), Railroad man, Confederate soldier, Haines City Florida
  • Hinkey Haines (1898–1979), American football and baseball player from Pennsylvania
  • Jackson Haines (1840–1875), American ballet dancer and figure skater
  • Janine Haines (1945–2004), Australian politician
  • Jesse Haines (1893–1978), American baseball player
  • Joe Haines (born 1958), British journalist and former press secretary to Labour leader and Prime Minister Harold Wilson
  • John Haines (1924–2011), poet and educator
  • John Charles Haines, (1818–1896), American businessman and politician, mayor of Chicago (1858–1860)
  • Joseph Haines (died 1701), English actor, singer, and dancer
  • Kathryn Miller Haines, American novelist and actor
  • Ken Haines, Co-founder of Haines and Bronner UK
  • Larry Haines (1918–2008), American radio and soap opera actor
  • Luke Haines (born 1967), English musician
  • Mark Haines, (1946–2011) TV host, CNBC network
  • Nathan Haines (1972–), New Zealand jazz musician
  • Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (1913–2011), United States Army four-star general
  • Stephen G. Haines (born 1942), American organizational theorist, management consultant
  • William Haines (Australian politician) (1810–1866), Australian colonial politician, first Premier of Victoria
  • William Haines (1900–1973), American actor in silent movies
  • William Wister Haines (1908–1989), American author, screenwriter, and playwright
  • William Haines (South Australian politician) (1831–1902), a South Australian politician
  • Willie Haines (1900–1974), Portsmouth and Southampton footballer
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