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Haibat Khan Niazi

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Died  16th Century Punjab
Other names  Azam Hamayan
Nationality  Pashtun
Other name  Azam Hamayan
Occupation  Noble, Governor of Punjab

Haibat Khan Niazi was a Pashtun noble and military leader. He was the most powerful noble of Sher Shah Suri and Commander of the Niazi contingent of his army. He is best known for bringing law and order in Multan by destroying the power of Balochs and Fetah Khan Jat who were laying waste to entire South Punjab. Sher Shah Suri granted him the title of Azam Hamayun and appointed him governor of Maharashtra.

Conquest of Kashmir, Multan and Sindh

Sher Shah Suri ordered Khan to conquer Kashmir, Multan and Sindh in present-day Pakistan. Haibat Khan first conquered Kashmir and installed the Chak dynasty. The conquest of Multan and Sindh and the restoration of law and order was completed by November, 1543.


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