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Hagen (surname)

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Hagen is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:



  • Aksel Hagen, Norwegian politician
  • Alexander Hagen (born 1955), German sailor
  • Anders Hagen (1921–2005), Norwegian archaeologist
  • Anita Hagen (born 1931), Canadian politician
  • Bernhard Joachim Hagen (1720–1787), German composer, violinist and lutenist
  • Bruce Hagen (born 1930), American politician
  • Carl I. Hagen, Norwegian politician, former leader of the Progress Party and Vice-President of Stortinget
  • Cosma Shiva Hagen, German actress
  • C. R. Hagen, American physicist at the University of Rochester
  • Daniel Hagen, American voice, television, and film actor
  • Daron Hagen, American composer
  • David Hagen (born 1973), Scottish footballer
  • Earle Hagen (1919–2008), American composer
  • Edvald Boasson Hagen (born 1987), Norwegian cyclist
  • Eli Hagen (born 1947), wife and secretary of the Norwegian politician Carl I. Hagen
  • Erik Hagen, footballer who played for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg
  • Georgina Hagen (born 1991), English actress
  • Gottfried Hagen, German town clerk
  • Gotthilf Hagen, German physicist and hydraulic engineer
  • Gulbrand Hagen (1864–1919), American newspaper editor, writer and photographer
  • H–N

  • Halvor Hagen (born 1947), American football player
  • Hans Hagen, professor of computer science at the University of Kaiserslautern
  • Harald Hagen (1902–1970), Norwegian sailor
  • Harlan Hagen (1914–1990), American politician
  • Harold Hagen (1901–1957), American politician
  • Hermann August Hagen (1817–1893), German entomologist
  • Horst Hagen (born 1950), German volleyball player
  • I. Kathleen Hagen (born 1945), former medical doctor who gained notoriety for being accused of murder by asphyxia of her parents
  • Ingeborg Refling Hagen (1895–1989), Norwegian author and teacher
  • Jacob Hagen (1809–1870), businessman and parliamentarian in South Australia
  • Jean Hagen, American actress
  • Jimmy Hagan, (soccer) footballer, who played for Sheffield United F.C.
  • Johann Georg Hagen (1847–1930), American astronomer and Catholic priest
  • Julius Hagen (1884–1940), German film producer
  • Karen Grønn-Hagen (1903–1982), Norwegian politician
  • Kevin Hagen (1928–2005), American actor
  • Loren D. Hagen (1946–1971), United States Army Special Forces officer
  • Magne Hagen (born 1938), Norwegian royal servant
  • Mark Rein·Hagen, role-playing, card, video and board game designer
  • Mark von Hagen (born 1954), professor for Russian, Ukrainian, and Eurasian history at Arizona State University
  • Morten Hagen (born 1974), Norwegian golfer
  • Nina Hagen, German female singer
  • O–Z

  • Oddbjørn Hagen (1908–1983), Norwegian skier
  • Olav Hagen (1921–2013), Norwegian cross country skier
  • Orville W. Hagen (1915–2007), American politician
  • Oskar Hagen (art historian) (1888–1957), German art historian
  • Oscar W. Hagen (1884–1945), American politician
  • Paul Hagen (1920–2003), Danish film actor
  • Rune Hagen (born 1975), Norwegian footballer
  • Silvia Hagen, author
  • Stan Hagen (1940–2009), Canadian politician
  • Steffen Hagen (born 1986), Norwegian footballer
  • Stein Erik Hagen (born 1956), Norwegian businessman
  • Steve Hagen (born 1945), founder of the Dharma Field Zen Center
  • Steven van der Hagen (1563–1621), first admiral of the Dutch East India Company
  • Theodor Hagen (music critic) (1823–1871), German-American writer on musical topics
  • Theodor Hagen (artist) (1842–1919), German landscape painter
  • Thoralf Hagen (1887–1979), Norwegian rower
  • Tom Harald Hagen (born 1978), Norwegian footballer
  • Toni Hagen, Swiss geologist and development assistance pioneer in Nepal
  • Ulrich Hagen (1925–2007), German scientist
  • Uta Hagen (1919-2004), American stage actress
  • Veronika Hagen (born 1963), Austrian violist
  • Victor Wolfgang von Hagen (1908–1985), American explorer
  • Walter Hagen, American Golfer
  • Walter Hagen (aviator) (1897–1963), German Luftwaffe Stuka pilot
  • William W. Hagen (born 1942), Professor of History at the University of California-Davis
  • Yngvar Hagen (1909 – 1993), Norwegian zoologist
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