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Hafuz Pasha

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Religion  Islam
Rank  brigadier-general
Allegiance  Ottoman Empire

Hafiz or Hafuz Pasha (Macedonian: Хафуз-паша/Hafuz-paša or Hafus-paša; fl. 1876–1900) was the Ottoman vali (governor) of Üsküb (Skopje). In the 1870s, he had the rank of brigadier-general. Under his command, Ottoman troops and bashibazouks suppressed the April Uprising in 1876, and the Kumanovo Uprising in 1878.

Military career

He led a brigade that suppressed the April Uprising. Under his command, 212 of 223 houses in Rakovitsa were burnt down, with 36 inhabitants killed; 26 of 125 houses in Popintsa were burnt down, with 66 inhabitants killed; 60 of 100 houses in Bania were burnt down, with 13 inhabitants killed; 80 of 120 houses, a church and the school in Metchka were burnt down.

On May 20, 1878, he led the brigade that suppressed the four-month-long Kumanovo Uprising.


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