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Haft Sang (television series)

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Directed by  Alireza Bazrafshan
Original language(s)  Persian
Final episode date  31 July 2014
Number of seasons  1
Predecessor  Modern Family
Country of origin  Iran
First episode date  29 June 2014
Network  IRIB TV3
Number of episodes  25

Genre  Drama Romance Comedy Family
Written by  Alireza Bazrafshan Sara Khosroabadi
Starring  Parviz Pourhosseini Behnam Tashakkor Farnaz Rahnama Mehdi Soltani Shabnam Moghaddami Elham Pavenejad Arsalan Ghasemi
Similar  Modern Family, Madineh, Monterna Oikogeneia, Sakhteman‑e Pezeshkan, Familia moderna

Haft Sang (Persian: هفت‌سنگ‎‎; "Seven stones") is an Iranian television series by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). An adaptation (or as some comments Shot-for-shot copy) of the American television series Modern Family, it first began airing in 2014 one day after the beginning of Ramadan. It is named after "haft sang" or lagori, a children's game. Each episode is around 40 to 50 minutes long, twice as long as each episode of the original American version. 20th Century Fox did not authorize the production of this series, and it is a frame-by-frame remake of the American version. Some subplots in the American version are not present in Haft Sang. Sina Haghighi, a YouTube user from Iran, stated that the series therefore has a slower pace compared to the American version.


Mohsen and Leila are the Haft Sang versions of Phil and Claire, while Shaahin and Shadi are the Haft Sang versions of Luke and Alex. The Haley character is changed to Amir, a teenage boy. Dylan is replaced by Anoush, who is Amir's friend. As of 2015 portrayal of friendships between boys and girls of any age is not permitted on Iranian television.

The Iranian equivalents of Mitch and Cam are a heterosexual couple, Behrooz and Elham; the latter is infertile so the couple adopts.

The Iranian versions of Jay, Gloria, and Manny are Nasir, Mehri, and Hamed.


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