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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Tabaninae
Scientific name  Haematopota
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Fly
Family  Tabanidae
Tribe  Haematopotini
Higher classification  horse-fly
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Haematopota pluvialis, Horse‑fly, Fly, Insect, Tabanus

Suppupaarma tankkaa

Haematopota is a genus of fly in the horse-fly family, Tabanidae. Among the horse-flies, they are most commonly known as clegs. Many species have colorful, patterned eyes in life, a character that fades after death. The genus is named from the Ancient Greek for blood-drinker: αἷμα, haîma, blood; πότης, pótës, drinker.

Haematopota Haematopota pluvialis Notchhorned cleg fly

The genus contains the following species:

  • Haematopota americana Osten Sacken, 1875
  • Haematopota bigoti Gobert, 1880 – big-spotted cleg
  • Haematopota champlaini (Philip, 1953)
  • Haematopota crassicornis Wahlberg, 1848 – black-horned cleg
  • Haematopota grandis Meigen, 1820 – long-horned cleg
  • Haematopota italica Meigen, 1804 – Italian cleg
  • Haematopota pluvialis (Linnaeus 1758) – notch-horned cleg
  • Haematopota pseudolusitanica
  • Haematopota punctulata Macquart, 1838
  • Haematopota rara Johnson, 1912
  • Haematopota subcylindrica Pandellé, 1883 – Levels cleg
  • Haematopota willistoni (Philip, 1953)

  • Haematopota Haematopota pluvialis Common or Notchhorned Cleg identification
    Haematopota Haematopota pluvialis Wikipedia

    Haematopota Haematopota pluvialis Wikipedia


    Haematopota Wikipedia