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Hadrobregmus pertinax

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Coleoptera
Superfamily  Bostrichoidea
Scientific name  Hadrobregmus pertinax
Rank  Species
Phylum  Arthropoda
Infraorder  Bostrichiformia
Family  Anobiidae
Higher classification  Hadrobregmus
Hadrobregmus pertinax FileHadrobregmus pertinax Thanatosejpg Wikimedia Commons
Similar  Anobiidae, Beetle, Hadrobregmus, Insect, Anobium

Hadrobregmus pertinax is a species of woodboring beetle within the genus Hadrobregmus of the family Anobiidae. The adult is black, with yellow hairs at the back corners of its head, and is 4-5 mm long. The larva is white, about 5 mm long, and lives in decaying wood. The larval stage lasts many years. The Finnish name is "kuolemankello," literally the "clock of death," which comes from the sound resembling the ticking of a clock, made by the male striking its head against the surface of the wood in order to attract a mate. It is the most destructive insect of buildings in Finland, where it survives the long winters in below-freezing temperatures. Because the larva lives in decaying wood, its presence indicates moisture damage. Resolution of the moisture problem will cause the beetle to leave.

Hadrobregmus pertinax Hadrobregmus pertinax Linnaeus 1758
Hadrobregmus pertinax Ddningeur Hadrobregmus pertinax Fotobillede fra taget af Ole
Hadrobregmus pertinax httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Hadrobregmus pertinax FileHadrobregmus pertinax sidejpg Wikimedia Commons
Hadrobregmus pertinax Hadrobregmus pertinax L Anobiidae
Hadrobregmus pertinax FileHadrobregmus pertinax underjpg Wikimedia Commons
Hadrobregmus pertinax FileHadrobregmus pertinax frontjpg Wikimedia Commons


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