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Kingdom  Animalia
Superorder  Crocodylomorpha
Phylum  Chordata
Subclass  Diapsid
Infraclass  Archosauromorpha
Suborder  Protosuchia
Rank  Genus
People also search for  Artzosuchus, Chiayusuchus

Hadongsuchus is an extinct genus of protosuchian crocodylomorph. Fossils have been found from the Hasandong Formation outcropping on Hadong, South Korea. The formation dates back to the Hauterivian and Barremian stages of the Early Cretaceous. A complete fossil skull was discovered in 2002, and the genus was named in 2005 on the basis of this holotype. Certain features of the third premaxillary tooth help distinguish it from other related crocodylomorphs. The estimated size of Hadongsuchus was around 50 cm in length. Like other protosuchians, it is believed to have been a fully terrestrial cursorial animal with a semi-erect posture. The binomial name of the type species H. acerdentis means "sharp-toothed crocodile from Hadong" in Greek.


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