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HSwMS Tre Kronor

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Name  Tre Kronor
Laid down  27 September 1943
Out of service  1 January 1964
Launched  16 December 1944
Beam  17 m
Namesake  Tre Kronor
Commissioned  25 October 1947
Construction started  27 September 1943
Length  180 m
Builders  Götaverken, Gothenburg
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Motto  För Sveriges frihet ("For the freedom of Sweden")

HSwMS Tre Kronor was a cruiser of the Royal Swedish Navy built during the Second World War.

At the start of the war most of the ships of the Royal Swedish Navy were quite old and the navy was in need of new ships. In 1940 the government decided that three cruisers were to be built. A political debate broke out about the cruisers and works did not start until 1943. The ship was to be built in Götaverken in Gothenburg. Eventually only two of the cruisers were built, and the third cruiser-squadron of the Swedish Home fleet ("Kustflottan") would be led by the modernised AA-cruiser HSwMS Gotland.

The turrets used on HSwMS Tre Kronor were built by Bofors and were originally ordered by the Dutch Navy to be fitted on the two "De Zeven Provinciën-class cruisers", but after the German occupation of the Netherlands the Swedish government was afraid they would be claimed by the Germans so they were confiscated.

Tre Kronor was launched 16 December 1944, commissioned on 25 October 1947, and served until 1 January 1964.


  • 1947–1948 – Erik af Klint
  • 1949–1951 – Bertil Berthelsson
  • 1955–1956 – Åke Lindemalm
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