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HR 8832

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Magnitude  5.574
Apparent magnitude (V)  5.574
Constellation  Cassiopeia
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Similar  HD 219134 b, HD 7924, Phi Cassiopeiae, Gliese 105, Eta Cassiopeiae

HR 8832 (or HD 219134, or Gliese 892) is a main sequence star in the constellation of Cassiopeia. It is smaller and less luminous than our Sun, with a spectral class of K3V, which makes it an orange-red hued star. HR 8832 is relatively close to our system, with an estimated distance of 21.25 light years. This star is close to the limit of apparent magnitude that can still be seen by the unaided eye. The limit is considered to be magnitude 6 for most observers.

This star has a magnitude 9.4 companion at an angular separation of 106.6 arcseconds. The star is reported to host a rocky super-Earth, HD 219134 b, based on size (1.6 times the size of Earth), and density (6 grams per cubic cm). A further three exoplanets, two super-Earths and one Jovian world, have been deduced using Harps-N radial velocity data. Two more were discovered two months later.


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