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HR 6806

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Magnitude  6.4
Apparent magnitude (V)  6.4
Constellation  Hercules
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HR 6806 is a solitary, orange, main sequence (K2 V) star located thirty-six light-years away, in the constellation Hercules. The star is smaller than the Sun, with around 79% of the solar mass and radius, and 35% of the solar luminosity. It appears to be rotating slowly with an estimated period of 42 days. The star has an inactive chromosphere, with a surface magnetic field strength of 1,500 G.

There is a nearby brown dwarf, WISE J180901.07+383805.4, at an angular separation of 769″, which would correspond to a projected separation of 8460 AU at the distance of HR 6806. However, this is most likely a typical T7 dwarf, which would place it at a distance of 91 ly (28 pc)—ruling out a physical association. This is confirmed by the differing proper motion of the star and this object.


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