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HR 297

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HR 297 is a solitary star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Cassiopeia. It has an apparent visual magnitude of 5.8, making it faintly visible to the naked eye from dark suburban skies. Parallax measurements with the Hipparcos spacecraft put this system at a distance of roughly 263 light years.

This is an F-type main sequence star with a stellar classification of F7V. Because of the stability of this star, it is used as a standard in the photometric WBVR system. The angular diameter of this star has been measured directly using the CHARA Array, yielding an estimate of 4.5 times the diameter of the Sun. Stellar models suggest a mass equal to about twice that of the Sun, with 25 times the Sun's luminosity.

This is a young star with an estimated age of 1.3 billion years. It is rotating rapidly, with a projected rotational velocity of 42 km/s. The abundance of elements other than hydrogen and helium is about the same as that in the Sun. The effective temperature of the stellar atmosphere is 6,089 K, giving it the yellow-white hued glow of an F-type star.

This star has been examined for the presence of an infrared excess, but no statistically significant amount was detected. The detection of such an excess can indicate the presence of a dusty circumstellar disk.


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