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Helicopter Operations from Ships other Than Aircraft Carriers (HOSTAC) is a military international standardization program made up of 4 regional HOSTAC Conferences/Working Groups. These regional groups include the NATO HOSTAC, SIAN HOSTAC, Pacific HOSTAC and Middle East HOSTAC. The primary focus of this international forum is to generate the appropriate standards and maintain up-to-date national information in order to successfully and safely conduct cross-deck helicopter operations between over 50 navies and coast guards.

The first combined "Global" HOSTAC working group was held in April 2008 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA and included the participation of 34 nations. The second "Global" HOSTAC working group was held in June 2011 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA.

The HOSTAC publications (MPP-02(G), APP 2(F)/MPP 2(F) Volume II Pocket Guide, and the HOSTAC Electronic Supplement) are part of the Multinational Publications Electronic Library (MPEL). National data is kept updated and current through changes and interim updates.

In 2013, The NATO Multinational Through-deck and Aircraft Carrier Cross-deck Operations (MTACCOPS) Working Group joined the HOSTAC program to cover rotary wing and fixed wing cross operations involving large deck aviation ships.


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