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HMS Trent

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Five ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Trent, after the River Trent:

  • HMS Trent (1757) was a 28-gun sixth-rate frigate launched in 1757 and sold in 1764.
  • HMS Trent (1796) was a 36-gun fifth-rate frigate launched in 1796. She became a hospital ship in 1803, a receiving ship in 1818 and was broken up in 1823. She was used by David Buchan in the Arctic.
  • HMS Trent was a 17-gun sloop laid down in 1862. She was selected for conversion to an ironclad, and renamed HMS Research later that year, before being launched in 1863.
  • HMS Trent (1877) was a Medina-class gunboat launched in 1877. She was renamed HMS Pembroke in 1905, and HMS Gannet in 1917 when she served as a diving tender. She was scrapped in 1923.
  • HMS Trent was a River-class frigate launched in 1942. She was transferred to the Royal Indian Navy in 1946 and was renamed Kukri. She was converted into a survey vessel in 1952 and renamed Investigator. She was broken up in 1975.
  • HMS Trent will be one of three new River-class patrol vessels, due to be commissioned in 2018.
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