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HMS Star

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Eleven ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Star or HMS Starr:

  • HMS Starr (1643) was a 16-gun ship purchased in 1643 and sold in 1652.
  • HMS Starr (1667) was a 4-gun fireship purchased in 1667 and expended that year.
  • HMS Starr (1694) was an 8-gun bomb vessel launched in 1694 and purchased that year. She was wrecked in 1712.
  • HMS Star (1779) was a 14-gun sloop purchased in 1779 and sold circa 1785.
  • HMS Starr (1805) was an 18-gun sloop launched in 1805. She was converted to an 8-gun bomb vessel in 1812 and was renamed HMS Meteor. She was sold in 1816.
  • HMS Star was a 14-gun brig launched in 1813 as HMS Lord Melville (or HMS Melville). She was renamed HMS Star in 1814 and was sold in 1837.
  • HMS Star (1808) was a tender launched in 1808 and sold in 1828.
  • HMS Star (1835) was a packet brig launched in 1835. She was transferred to the Coastguard as a watchvessel in 1857 and was renamed WV 11 in 1863. She was broken up around 1899.
  • HMS Star (1860) was a wood screw sloop launched in 1860 and broken up in 1877.
  • HMS Star (1896) was a Star class destroyer, later categorised as the C class. She was launched in 1896 and sold in 1919.
  • Battle Honours

  • Dover 1652
  • Martinique 1809
  • Guadeloupe 1810
  • References

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