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HMS Siren

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Eight ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Siren, Syren or Sirene, after the Sirens of Greek mythology:

  • HMS Siren (1745) was a 24-gun post ship of the 1741 Establishment launched in 1745 and sold in 1764.
  • HMS Siren (1773) was a 28-gun Enterprise-class sixth-rate launched in 1773 and wrecked in 1777.
  • HMS Syren (1779) was a 24-gun Porcupine-class post ship launched in 1779 and wrecked in 1781.
  • HMS Syren (1782) was a 32-gun Amazon-class fifth-rate launched in 1782, on harbour service from 1805 and broken up in 1822.
  • HMS Sirene (1794) was previously the French Serin, a brig aviso, launched in 1788 at Bayonne. HMS Intrepid and HMS Chichester captured her in 1794. She left Jamaica in late July 1796 was lost without a trace, probably in August 1796.
  • HMS Siren was to have been a 32-gun Narcissus-class fifth-rate, ordered in 1805 and cancelled in 1806.
  • HMS Siren was previously USS Syren (1803). She was captured in 1814 and used as a hospital hulk. She was on the Navy list until 1815.
  • HMS Siren (1841) was a 16-gun Helena-class brig-sloop, launched in 1841 and broken up by 1868.
  • HMS Siren was previously HMS Opossum (1856), an Albacore-class gunboat launched in 1856. She was renamed HMS Siren in 1895, and was sold in 1896.
  • HMS Syren (1901) was a Myrmidon-class destroyer launched in 1900 and sold in 1920.
  • Uncommissioned vessels

  • Syren was an American schooner that a British squadron captured off New York in January 1813 and armed for use as a tender. Disposal unknown.
  • Siren was a steam tender built in 1855 for the use of royalty at Bermuda and sold in 1863.
  • Syren was a training tender, purchased in 1878 and attached to HMS Britannia. She was sold in 1912.
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