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HMS Rose

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Twenty one ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Rose after the rose:

  • HMS Rose was a King's ship in 1222.
  • HMS Rose was a Cinque Ports ship in 1300. She was captured by the French in 1338 but was retaken in 1340.
  • HMS Rose was a ballinger acquired in 1419 and sold in 1425.
  • HMS Rose was a galley listed from 1512 until 1521.
  • HMS Rose was a 6-gun pink launched in 1657 and transferred in 1661 to the Irish Packet Service.
  • HMS Rose was a 4-gun fireship captured from the Algerians in 1670 and expended in 1671.
  • HMS Rose was a 6-gun dogger captured from the Dutch in 1672 and lost in 1673.
  • HMS Rose was a 28-gun fifth rate launched in 1674, converted into a fireship in 1689 and sold in 1698.
  • HMS Rose (also known as Sally Rose) was a 16-gun sixth rate, formerly a SalĂ© pirate captured in 1684 and sold in 1696.
  • HMS Rose was a 20-gun sixth rate purchased in 1709 and sold in 1712.
  • HMS Rose was a 20-gun sixth rate launched in 1712, rebuilt in 1724, hulked in 1739 and sold in 1744.
  • HMS Rose was a 24-gun sixth rate launched in 1740 and sold in 1755.
  • HMS Rose was a 20-gun sixth rate launched in 1757 and sunk as a block ship in 1779.
  • HMS Rose was a 28-gun sixth rate launched in 1783 and wrecked in 1794.
  • HMS Rose was an 18-gun sloop launched in 1805 and sold in 1817 for breaking up.
  • HMS Rose was a cutter listed between 1805 to 1806.
  • HMS Rose was an 18-gun sloop launched in 1821 and broken up in 1851.
  • HMS Rose was an Albacore class gunboat launched in 1856 and broken up in 1868.
  • HMS Rose was a survey cutter purchased in 1857. She was stranded in 1864 and the wreck later sold.
  • HMS Rose was a coastguard yawl launched in 1880 and sold in 1906.
  • HMS Rose was a Flower-class corvette launched in 1941. She was lent to the Royal Norwegian Navy and sunk in 1944 after colliding with HMS Manners.
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