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HMS Rapid

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Nine ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Rapid:

  • HMS Rapid was a 12-gun gun-brig launched in 1804 and sunk in 1808.
  • HMS Rapid was a 12-gun schooner captured from the French in 1808 and wrecked in 1814.
  • HMS Rapid was a 14-gun brig-sloop launched in 1808 and sold in 1814.
  • HMS Rapid was a 10-gun Cherokee class brig-sloop launched in 1829 and wrecked in 1838.
  • HMS Rapid was an 8-gun brig launched in 1840 and sold in 1856.
  • HMS Rapid was a wooden Rosario-class screw sloop launched in 1860 and broken up in 1881.
  • HMS Rapid was a Satellite-class composite screw corvette launched in 1883. She was hulked in 1906, used as a coal hulk named C7 from 1912. She was converted to an accommodation hulk and renamed HMS Hart in 1916. She was sold in 1948.
  • HMS Rapid was an M class destroyer launched in 1916 and sold in 1927.
  • HMS Rapid was an R class destroyer launched in 1942. She was converted into a frigate in 1952 and was sunk as a target in 1981.
  • The name was also given to a British Rail Class 42 locomotive of the Warship class.


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