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HMS Prince of Wales

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Six ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Prince of Wales, after numerous holders of the title the Prince of Wales, and a seventh ship is under construction:

  • HMS Prince of Wales (1765) was a 74-gun third-rate launched in 1765. She had been originally planned as HMS Hibernia, but the name was changed prior to launch. She was broken up in 1783.
  • HMS Prince of Wales (1794) was a 90-gun second-rate launched in 1794 and broken up in 1822.
  • HMS Prince of Wales (1795) was a 38-gun transport purchased in 1795, and still on the records in 1801.
  • HMS Prince of Wales (1860) was a 121-gun screw-propelled first-rate launched in 1860. She was converted to a training ship and renamed HMS Britannia in 1869, hulked in 1909 and sold in 1914. She was finally broken up in 1916.
  • HMS Prince of Wales (1902) was a Formidable-class battleship launched in 1902 and sold for scrap in 1920.
  • HMS Prince of Wales (53) was a King George V-class battleship launched in 1939 and sunk in a Japanese airstrike in 1941.
  • HMS Prince of Wales (R09) will be the second of two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers and is scheduled to enter service in 2018.
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