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HMS Phoenix (1759)

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Name  HMS Phoenix
Laid down  February 1758
Construction started  February 1758
Builder  Limehouse
Ordered  5 January 1758
Completed  By 26 July 1759
Launched  25 June 1759
HMS Phoenix (1759)
Fate  Foundered on 4 October 1780
Class and type  40-gun fifth rate frigate

HMS Phoenix was a 44-gun fifth rate Ship of the Royal Navy.

She saw service during the American War of Independence under Captain Hyde Parker, Jr. She, along with HMS Rose and three smaller ships launched an attack on New York City on 12 July 1776. During that attack, Phoenix and the other ships easily passed patriot defences and bombarded urban New York for two hours. This action largely confirmed continental fears that British naval superiority would allow the Royal Navy to act with relative impunity when attacking deep-water ports.

HMS Phoenix was also involved in a kind of currency war. During the Revolutionary War, when the Continental Congress authorized the printing of paper currency called continental currency, the monthly inflation rate reached a peak of 47 percent in November 1779 (Bernholz 2003: 48). One cause of the inflation was counterfeiting by the British, who ran a press on HMS Phoenix, moored in New York Harbour. The counterfeits were advertised and sold almost for the price of the paper they were printed on.

The Phoenix was lost on 4 October 1780 in a storm.


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