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HMS Odin

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Five ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Odin after the god Odin in Norse mythology. A sixth was ordered, but later cancelled:

  • HMS Odin was a 74-gun third rate captured from the Danish at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1807. She was used for harbour service from 1811 and was sold in 1825.
  • HMS Odin was a paddle steam frigate launched in 1846 sold in 1865.
  • HMS Odin was a sloop launched in 1901 and sold in 1920. Delivered the Somali Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shire to the Seychelles in 1920, where he was sentenced to exile.
  • HMS Odin was an Odin class submarine launched in 1928. She was sunk by Italian ships in 1940.
  • HMS Odin was to have been an Algerine-class minesweeper but she was cancelled in 1944.
  • HMS Odin was an Oberon-class submarine launched in 1960 and scrapped in 1991.
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