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HMS Nonsuch

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Several vessels of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Nonsuch, presumably named after Nonsuch Palace:

  • HMS Nonsuch (1603), a 38-gun great ship, rebuilt from a previous ship and sold c. 1645
  • HMS Nonsuch (1646), a 34-gun ship launched in 1646 and wrecked 1664
  • Nonsuch, an 8-gun ketch launched in 1650 that the Royal Navy purchased in 1654 and sold in 1667; later as the merchant vessel Nonsuch she made the trading voyage establishing the Hudson's Bay Company
  • HMS Nonsuch (1668), a 36-gun fifth rate launched in 1668. Upgraded to a 42-gun fourth rate in 1669, but reverted to 36-gun fifth rate in 1691. She was captured in 1695 by the French privateer Le Francais
  • HMS Nonsuch (1686), a 5-gun hoy launched in 1686 and sold 1714
  • HMS Nonsuch (1696), a 48-gun fourth-rate ship of the line, launched in 1696, rebuilt 1717, and broken up in 1745
  • HMS Nonsuch (1741), a 50-gun fourth-rate ship of the line in service from 1741 to 1766
  • HMS Nonsuch (1774), a 64-gun third-rate ship of the line launched in 1774, used as a floating battery from 1794, and broken up in 1802
  • HMS Nonsuch (1915), an M-class destroyer launched in 1915 and sold in 1921
  • HMS Nonsuch (1945), a sloop laid down in February 1945 and canceled in October of that year
  • HMS Nonsuch (D107), the former German Narvik-class destroyer Z38 taken after the war's end, and scrapped in 1949
  • Battle honours

  • Kentish Knock 1652
  • Portland 1653
  • Gabbard 1653
  • Texel 1673
  • St. Lucia 1778
  • The Saints 1782
  • Jutland 1916
  • References

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