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HMS Minerva

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Eight vessels of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Minerva, after the goddess Minerva of Roman mythology.

  • HMS Minerva was a 32-gun fifth rate launched in 1759, captured by the French in 1778, recaptured in 1781 and renamed HMS Recovery. She was sold in 1784.
  • HMS Minerva was a 38-gun fifth rate launched in 1780, converted to troopship Pallas in 1798, and broken up 1803.
  • HMS Minerva was a 29-gun storeship purchased in 1781 and sold 1783.
  • HMS Minerva was a 32-gun fifth rate launched in 1805 and broken up 1815.
  • HMS Minerva was a 46-gun fifth rate launched in 1820, sent to harbour service 1861, and sold 1895.
  • HMS Minerva was an Eclipse-class protected cruiser launched in 1895 and sold in 1920.
  • HMS Minerva was the monitor M33 converted to a coastal minelayer and renamed in 1925, renamed as a boom defence workshop C23(M), and as hulk C23 in 1946, and later known as RMAS Minerva.
  • HMS Minerva was a Leander-class frigate launched in 1964 and sold for scrap in 1993.
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