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HMS Marigold

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Six ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Marigold, after the marigold flower.

  • The first Marigold was a 22-gun ship captured from the Portuguese in 1650 and sold 1658.
  • The second Marigold was a 3-gun hoy, a 42-ton vessel built at Portsmouth Dockyard in 1653 and broken up in 1712.
  • The third Marigold was a 4-gun fireship purchased in 1673 and lost in action in August of that year.
  • The fourth Marigold was a 44-gun fourth-rate captured from Algeria in 1677 and wrecked 1679.
  • The fifth Marigold was an Acacia-class sloop launched in 1915 and sold 1920.
  • The sixth Marigold was a Flower-class corvette launched in 1940 and sunk December 1942.
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