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HMS London

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Thirteen ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS London, after the city of London. Another has been named HMS Loyal London:

  • London was a 40-gun East Indiaman purchased in 1636 and listed until 1653.
  • The London, was a 64-gun second rate ship launched in 1656 and blown up in an accident in 1665.
  • HMS Loyal London was a 96-gun second rate ship launched in 1666. She was partly destroyed by fire by the Dutch in the Medway in 1667, but the remains were rebuilt becoming the next HMS London.
  • HMS London (1670) was a 96-gun first-rate ship launched in 1670 to replace the previous ship of the same name. She was rebuilt in 1706 and 1721, and was broken up in 1747.
  • HMS London (1756 brigantine) was a 16-gun brigantine launched in 1756 on Lake Ontario and captured by the French the same year.
  • HMS London (1756 busse) was a 6-gun busse, formerly the civilian fisheries vessel Holden. She was purchased in 1756 from the Society for the Free British Fishery and burnt to avoid capture in 1758.
  • HMS London (1759) was a 6-gun busse purchased in 1759 and in the records until 1764.
  • HMS London (1766) was a 90-gun second rate launched in 1766 and broken up in 1811.
  • HMS London was to have been a 104-gun first rate. She was renamed HMS Royal Adelaide in 1827, and launched in 1828. She was sold in 1905.
  • HMS London (1840) was a 92-gun second rate launched in 1840. She was converted to screw propulsion in 1858 and rearmed to 72 guns. She became a harbour storeship in 1874 and was sold in 1884.
  • HMS London (1899) was a Formidable-class battleship launched in 1899. She was converted to a minelayer in 1918 and was sold in 1920.
  • HMS London (69) was a County-class heavy cruiser launched in 1927 and sold in 1950.
  • HMS London (D16) was a County-class guided missile destroyer launched in 1961 and transferred to Pakistan in 1982, where she was renamed Babur.
  • HMS London (F95) was a Type 22 frigate launched in 1984 and sold to Romania in 2002. They renamed her Regina Maria.
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