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HMS Liberty

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Several ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Liberty.

  • HMS Liberty (1768) was a sloop belonging to John Hancock confiscated by the Royal Navy in 1768 for failure to pay customs duties. She was commissioned under Captain William Reid as a revenue ship. In July 1769 she seized two Connecticut vessels and brought them into Newport, Rhode Island. A group of Newport citizens boarded the ship, smashed her lifeboats, cut down her masts and cables, and set her adrift. She ran aground on a small nearby island and then burned.
  • HMS Liberty was a cutter purchased in 1779, later re-rigged as a brig, and sold in Barbados in 1816.
  • HMS Liberty - a sailing brig sunk in a collision in 1804.
  • HMS Liberty - sailing brig serving as a tender to Lion in 1901.
  • HMS Liberty was a paddle steamer/mine sweeper originally named Roslin Castle and renamed Wanderer in 1913.
  • HMS Liberty (1913), launched in 1913, was a Laforey-class destroyer that served in World War I, fought at the battle of Jutland in 1916, and was broken up in 1921.
  • HMS Liberty, launched in 1943, was an Algerine-class minesweeper that served in World War II. She was sold to the Belgian Navy in 1949 and renamed Adrien de Gerlache.
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