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HMS Jackal

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Eight ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Jackal (or Jackall), after the predatory mammal, the jackal:

  • HMS Jackal was a 10-gun cutter purchased in 1778 and sold in 1785.
  • HMS Jackal was a 14-gun cutter purchased in 1779. Later in 1799 her mutinous Irish crew handed her over to the French at Calais, where she became the privateer Jackall, Chacal, or Boulogne. HMS Prudente recaptured Boullongue on 22 July 1781. Jackall was captured again in 1782 by the USS Deane.
  • HMS Jackal was a 10-gun brig. She was a purchased vessel in service in 1792.
  • HMS Jackal was a 12-gun gun-brig launched in 1801 and wrecked on the French coast in 1807; crew taken into captivity.
  • HMS Jackal was an iron paddle gunvessel launched in 1844 and sold in 1887.
  • HMS Jackal was a fishery protection vessel purchased in 1885 as HMS Woodcock. She was renamed HMS Jackal in 1886 and was sold in 1906.
  • HMS Jackal was an Acheron-class destroyer launched in 1911 and sold in 1920.
  • HMS Jackal was a J-class destroyer launched in 1938 and sunk in 1942.
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