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HMS Herald

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Five ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Herald:

  • The first Herald was an 18-gun ship sloop launched in 1806, re-classed as a 20-gun sixth rate in 1810 and 24-gun in 1817, and broken up in 1817.
  • The second Herald was a 500-ton, 28-gun sixth-rate, launched as Termagant in 1822 and renamed in 1824. She served as a survey ship under Henry Kellett and Henry Mangles Denham and was sold in 1864. See William Pullen
  • The third Herald was a paddle river gunboat launched in 1890 and sold in 1903.
  • The fourth Herald was a 24-class minesweeping sloop launched as Merry Hampton in 1918, renamed in 1923 and converted to a survey ship. She was scuttled in 1942 at Seletar, raised by the Japanese, renamed Heiyo, and sunk by a mine in 1944.
  • The fifth Herald was a hydrographic survey ship launched in 1973 and sold in 2001.
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