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HMS Glatton

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Four ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Glatton.

  • The first Glatton was a 56-gun fourth-rate, originally an East Indiaman purchased in 1795 and converted. Participated in the 1797 Battle of Camperdown, and the 1801 Battle of Copenhagen. Converted to a water depot in 1814 and sunk as a breakwater in 1830.
  • The second Glatton was an Aetna class ironclad floating battery launched in 1855 and broken up in 1864.
  • The third Glatton was a turret ship launched in 1871 and sold 1903.
  • The fourth Glatton was a coast defence ship, originally the Norwegian Bjørgvin, purchased in 1915 and accidentally blown up in September 1918.
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