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HMS Garland

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Several ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Garland. The name dates back to 1242, being the oldest confirmed ship name in the Royal Navy.

  • Garland (1590) (or Guardland), a 38/48-gun galleon, built in 1590 and sunk in 1618.
  • Garland, containing possessions of Charles I of England, wrecked on Godrevy Island in Cornwall on the day Charles was executed 30 January 1649.
  • Garland (1620), a middling ship launched in 1620, and captured by the Dutch in 1652.
  • HMS Garland, a 30-gun ship launched in 1654 and originally called HMS Grantham, renamed Garland in 1660, became a fireship in 1688, upgraded to a fifth rate frigate in 1689 and finally sold in 1698.
  • HMS Garland, a 44-gun fifth rate frigate launched in 1703, and wrecked in 1709.
  • HMS Garland, a 32-gun fifth rate frigate, originally named HMS Scarborough, launched in 1696. Captured by the French in 1710 off the coast of Guinea, recaptured in 1712 and renamed Garland and used as a fireship; sold in 1744.
  • HMS Garland, a 24-gun Sixth Rate Post-ship launched in 1748, hulked in 1768, and sold in 1783.
  • HMS Garland, originally a French 20-gun frigate called Guirlande, captured in 1762, and sold in 1783.
  • HMS Garland, a 28-gun Sixth Rate frigate launched in 1779 as Sibyl, renamed Garland in 1795, and wrecked in 1798 off Madagascar.
  • HMS Garland, a 6-gun schooner purchased in 1798 and sold in March 1803.
  • HMS Garland, originally a French 22-gun privateer called Mars that HMS Amethyst captured in 1800 and that was wrecked in 1803 in the West Indies.
  • HMS Garland, a 22-gun Laurel-class sixth-rate post-ship launched in 1807 and sold in 1817.
  • HMS Garland, a wooden paddle packet launched in 1847, and sold in 1855.
  • HMS Garland, a Cheerful-class screw gunboat launched in 1856, and broken up in 1864.
  • HMS Garland, an Acasta-class destroyer launched in 1913 that fought at the Battle of Jutland. Sold in 1921.
  • HMS Garland, a G-class destroyer launched in 1935. Served with the Polish Navy from 1940 to 1946. Sold to the Dutch navy in 1947 and broken up in 1964.
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