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HMS Dove

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Nine ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Dove after the bird family Columbidae:

  • Dove (ketch, 1672) was a 4-gun ketch built at Deptford in 1672 and sold in 1683.
  • Dove (dogger, 1672) was an 8-gun dogger captured from the Dutch in 1672 and wrecked in 1674.
  • HMS Dove (1805) was a 4-gun schooner purchased in May 1805 and captured by the French in August the same year.
  • HMS Ariadne (1805) was an advice boat purchased in 1805. She was renamed HMS Dove later that year, and HMS Flight in 1806. She foundered in September 1806.
  • HMS Dove (1823) was a 6-gun packet brig purchased in 1823 and sold in 1829.
  • HMS Kangaroo (1852), a 12-gun Acorn-class brig-sloop, was ordered as HMS Dove in 1839, renamed Kangaroo in 1843 and eventually launched in 1852. She was sold in 1897.
  • HMS Dove (1855) was an Albacore-class wooden screw gunboat launched in 1855 and sold at Shanghai in 1873.
  • HMS Dove (1893) was a 20-ton paddle gunboat built in sections at Yarrows in Poplar, London in 1893 and assembled in East Africa. She was transferred to the government of British Central Africa in 1895.
  • HMS Dove (1898) was a three funnel, 30 knot destroyer (later classified as a C-class destroyer) launched in 1898 and sold in 1920.
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  • The Royalist ketch English ship Fortune (1644) was captured by the Parliamentarians in 1644, renamed Dove and lost in 1650.
  • HMS Ringdove, the name of 7 Royal Navy vessels.
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