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HMS Defiance (1744)

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Name  HMS Defiance
Fate  Sold, 1766
Launched  12 October 1744
Beam  13 m
Builder  West, Deptford
Tons burthen  1136
Length  45 m
Honours and awards  Second battle of Cape Finisterre, 1747
Class and type  1741 proposals 58-gun fourth rate ship of the line

HMS Defiance was a 58-gun fourth rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, built to the dimensions laid out in the 1741 proposals of the 1719 Establishment at Deptford, and launched on 12 October 1744.

In November 1745 she encountered her fellow Royal Navy vessel HMS Hampton Court. The crew of both vessels mistook the other for a French man-o-war and opened fire at long range. The engagement ended after half an hour, when crew aboard Defiance observed British markings on the cannonballs striking their ship and signaled for a truce.

Defiance served until she was sold out of the navy in 1766.


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