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HMS Camel

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Seven ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Camel, after the camel:

  • HMS Camel was a 6-gun fireship captured in 1667 and expended later that year.
  • HMS Camel was a 26-gun storeship, formerly the merchant Yorkshire. She was purchased in 1776 and sold in 1784.
  • HMS Camel was a 24-gun storeship, originally launched in 1782 as the 44-gun fifth rate HMS Mediator. She was converted to a storeship and renamed Camel in 1788, and was broken up in 1810.
  • HMS Camel was a storeship purchased in 1798 and sold in 1831.
  • HMS Camel was a storeship, formerly the East Indiaman Severn. She was purchased in 1813 and was sold in 1831.
  • HMS Camel was a mortar vessel launched in 1855. She was renamed MV14 later that year, and was converted into a crane lighter in 1871 and renamed YC6.
  • HMS Camel was an Albacore-class wooden screw gunboat launched in 1856 and broken up in 1864.
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