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HMS Calypso

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The following ships of the Royal Navy were assigned the name Calypso, after Calypso, a sea nymph in Greek mythology:

  • HMS Calypso (1783), a 16-gun sloop of 342 tons burthen, launched at Graves, Deptford 27 September 1783. She sank during a violent storm on 30 July 1803 with the loss of all her crew when a heavily laden West Indiaman ran afoul of her.
  • HMS Calypso (1805), an 18-gun sloop of the Cruizer class launched at Dudman, Deptford Wharf 2 February 1805; not broken up until 1821.
  • HMS Calypso (1826), a 10-gun Cherokee class brig-sloop. Ordered 1824 for construction at Deptford Dockyard; renamed Hyaena in 1826; and cancelled 21 February 1831.
  • Calypso was to be a 10-gun brig-sloop of the Cherokee class. Laid down March 1825 at Chatham Dockyard as HMS Hyaena; launched 19 August 1826 and renamed Calypso that same year; completed as a yacht for the governor of Malta. Later a packet brig for Royal Navy. Lost 1 February 1833.
  • Calypso, to be a 10-gun brig-sloop of the Cherokee class. Laid down 1829 at Woolwich dockyard; renamed Hyaena in 1830; cancelled 1831.
  • HMS Calypso (1845), a sixth rate launched at Chatham Dockyard in May 1845; broken up 29 January 1866.
  • HMS Blonde (1819), a 46-gun fifth rate of 1,103 tons bm. Launched at Deptford Dockyard 12 January 1819. Relegated to harbour service in 1850; renamed HMS Calypso 9 March 1870, and sold 28 February 1895.
  • HMS Calypso (1883), a Calypso-class corvette launched in 1883, used as a training ship for the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve from 1902, renamed HMS Briton in 1916, sold in 1922 and used as a storage hulk, and now awash north of Lewisporte.
  • HMS Calypso (D61), a C class cruiser of the "Caledon" sub-class; launched in 1917 and sunk in 1940 by the Italian submarine Bagnolini.
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