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Hồ chicken

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Other names  Ho chicken Ga Ho gà Hồ
Primary use  ornamental
Origin  Vietnam
Adult female weight (lbs.)  8
Country of origin  Vietnam
Egg production (annual)  30
Adult male weight (lbs.)  9.9 – 11
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Similar  Thai Game, Faiyumi, Cochin chicken, Ayam Cemani, Rhode Island Red

The Hồ chicken or gà Hồ is a breed of chicken originating in Bắc Ninh Province, Vietnam. It is one of many local chicken varieties in Vietnam including: gà Ri (the most popular breed), gà Tàu Vàng, gà Nòi, gà Đông Tảo, gà Mía, gà Tam Hoàng, gà Lương Phượng, etc.

Ga Ho is a distinctly Vietnamese rare breed of chicken, familiar as a symbol in Vietnam. According to folklore, the chicken (particularly the rooster) has the five qualities of a man of honour: literacy, martial arts, physical strength, humanity and loyalty.

The symbolism in the context of the AIGs is that the Ho chicken rising himself to welcome the sun is likened to the readiness of the sports industry of Vietnam to host this major event.


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