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Høylandsbygd shipping mural

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Høylandsbygd shipping mural

The Høylandsbygd shipping mural is a wall mural located in Høylandsbygd in Kvinnherad. It is the biggest painted mural in the world, with the larger of the two painted walls measuring 80 metres long and 16 metres tall. If including both paintings, the total area painted amounts to 1.500 m2

The mural was an idea originally conceived by shipping magnate Johannes Eide in 2008, when he imagined the walls of a former shipbuilding hall being covered by paintings of old boats and images from the shipping industry. A few months later, a set of plans and drawings for the project was announced by Eide.

Construction of the mural was begun in late April 2009 when the entire hall was coloured white as a foundation. Soon after, scaffolding was erected around the hall to prepare for the paintings. The first wall was finished on May 27, 2009. Painting of the main wall began a few days later, but stopped in August and was postponed due to bad weather. On July 2, 2010, the painters resumed their work, which was finished a few weeks later. On August 6, the mural was officially declared finished and opened.

The artwork has been done by two Polish artists, Magareth and Konrad Waraksa, and is a collage of boats and boats being built using old tools. The background is in fact the view behind the hall when seen from a specific angle. The boats displayed on the paintings are all vessels built at the old Eide shipping plant, which was situated 100 metres west of the hall.

On July 2, 2010, it was reported that a Polish TV channel is producing a special on the mural and its painters.


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